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VHF Radios

High powered VHF radios typically have a transmit power of 5 watts of power for handhelds, and provide coverage for up to 1 to 3 miles. These radios are recommended for businesses that communicate outdoors with limited obstructions between the people communicating such as golf courses. This is due to the fact that VHF radios do not penetrate through walls and objects as good as UHF radios

The radios on the page all support custom frequencies. If you have a specific frequency that you need supported, be sure to let us know to program the radio when you place your order. You can call us with this request, or just type it into the "comments" field when you place an online order.

What is the difference of UHF and VHF?

UHF radios penetrate through walls and objects better than VHF. However, if you have line-of-sight communication, a VHF signal will travel further than UHF.

Radio Coverage Tests:

Should I get VHF Digital Radios or VHF Analog Radios?

VHF Digital Radios are going to give you better audio quality, coverage and overall features. All the digital two-way radios we sell can have both digital channels and analog channels. Therefore, you can have dedicated analog channels on your digital VHF radios if you still need to communicate with other analog VHF radios.