Two Way Radios for Retail Stores


When it comes to walkie talkies for retail stores, you want something that is going to be unnoticeable and out of the way of customers, but also a two-way radio that will create rapid communication. Retail stores should value the customer first, and just like the outlining of the store, your radio should resemble customer approval and safety as well.

Kenwood PKT23 radios are small in structure but powerful in design. These small business two-way radios allow you to have the most efficient communication around your store by taking up the least amount of space. This Kenwood product produces 1.5 watts of power for great coverage, and has easily accessible program buttons so that you don’t have to work too hard to connect with someone. You can reach a fellow employee with the push of a button. This retail store radio is durable, backed by a 2-year warranty, and is dependable when it comes to the store's overall communication system.

For the larger stores, we have the XTR300 4-watt digital radio available. It is constructed to help you cover an even further distance with your radios. You will find this walkie talkie to be extremely helpful for retail stores that are two stories or higher, as it allows you to have clear and constant communication throughout your workday.

To keep your conversations between staff only, we suggest purchasing PKT23 earpiece or PKT23 headset. These accessories are made so that you can create communication between you and your staff and not have any outside listeners. They make it easier for you to use your retail store radio, as you do not have to reach down and grab it every time.