Two Way Radios for Casinos


Because casinos have intricate communication and security needs, it is critical for your staff to stay connected with continuous communication. In order to ensure a pleasant guest experience, two-way radios for casinos are available at Two Way Direct. We understand that your casino relies on instantaneous connection around the clock, from every location in your facility.

The XTR series radios are designed to produce rapid and affective communication between you and your team, so you are able to secure your guests safety, and fast. Unlike cellular devices, a secure 2 way radio always keeps you connected, and allows you to reach someone with the push of a button. With 4 full watts of power for maximum coverage, this device is highly reliable on the job. It comes complete with a Lithium-Ion Battery, and is durable, backed by a three-year warranty.

While your casino guests are solely focusing on the slots, you need to be focused on the guest’s safety, so if you need an even stronger connection to assure their protection we have the repeater to receive an even more enhanced coverage around your casino.

Make your casino surveillance two way radios even simpler with XTR earpieces or XTR speaker microphones. When you purchase these durable accessories, you are able to have discrete and reliable communication with the rest of your team. With a secure 2 way radio and its fast and efficient response, your casino can feel safe at all times.