The Best Two Way Radios for Hunters


Most have found hunting radios to be very beneficial on several of their expeditions. Having a handheld two way radio with you while you are on the hunt allows you to be safe and efficient with your communication. Handheld two way radios are amped up versions of hunting walkie-talkies you have probably used sometime in your past, but their structure and features give you an even stronger connection than you had when you were little.

XTR300 radios have become popular among hunters. They are valuable communication tools to use in the woods, because of their Lithium-Ion Battery and 4 full watts of power for maximum coverage. This handheld two way radio is compact and lightweight in structure, but also exhibits a rugged and tough exterior, so you don’t have to worry about dropping when on the ground. The XTR300U is durable, backed by three-year warranty and is offered at Two Way Direct.

To get an even stronger connection over a larger range, check out the RD982U repeater. This repeater allows you to reach each other from even further distances. It is also designed with a rugged and tough exterior, so having it in the woods, on the ground, or the back of a truck - it will still work perfectly.

For those who want to be even more versatile and work hands-free while you are hunting, check out the XTR300U earpieces or XTR300U headsets we have available at Two Way Direct. Each of these accessories is designed to give you the maximum comfort and coverage in your two way communication experience. Find yourself becoming an even better, more organized hunter with hunting radios.