The Best Two Way Radios for Golf Courses


Choosing the right two-way radios for your golf course or country club is essential to running a smooth and efficient operation. 

First you want to choose a handheld radio which will get you the coverage you need. We recommend a digital two-way radio for optimum audio quality and coverage. The XTR300 series radio is an excellent yet affordable option for your pro shop or even maintenance department. 

For your pro shop, it's great to use a 2-wire surveillance kit earpiece to keep radio communication private from guests. For maintenance or grounds keeper crews, a good shoulder microphone is sure to help them use their radios with ease. 

Larger properties tend to be harder to achieve adequate coverage. That's when a great add-on to increase that coverage is the Hytera RD982 digital repeater. This digital repeater can enhance the coverage of 2 talk groups which will save you in extra repeater costs if you needed more than one channel repeated. 

Another great product to consider is two-way radio call boxes. You can place these throughout your golf course and they can link up to any channels on your two-way radios. This will give your guests a better experience having the ability to quickly communicate with a push of a button in a medical emergency or even just a beverage or maintenance request.

If you really want to take your communications to the next level, our best solution is Enhanced Push-to-Talk. It expands your two-way radio communication nationwide without the need of repeaters for just $5/month per device. A dispatcher can have the ability to locate any employee on a map and radio 1 or more people for any situation. 

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