The Best School Two Way Radios

Two-way radios for schools is critical for school safety and operations. With the increasing threats of violence in today’s society, it is extremely important to have a communication system in place to help protect our students and faculty.

Two Way Direct offers customized communication solutions to help increase safety, control and efficiency within your school campus. It starts with the best school two way radios; the affordable digital XTR300U. This handheld radio will help your staff communicate efficiently and effectively for general operations or in an emergency situation.

If you have a larger campus and need additional coverage, the Hytera RD982U repeater is sure to get you the additional coverage your school needs to keep in constant contact. It can be programmed to work in analog or digital so it is the best repeater to keep up with your needs.

Another great product for your school is the Loudmouth Wireless PA. This allows any approved radio user on your campus to broadcast an emergency message across campus from their two-way radio. This is extremely helpful as it allows any approved staff member to immediately notify the entire campus of either an emergency situation or even just a general announcement.

Additionally, Call Boxes are a great addition to your campus to allow students from various areas on campus to reach security on their two-way radio from a two-way radio call box. Another way for instant communication in an emergency situation.

We also have integrated mobility solutions to really take your communications to the next level. Enhanced push-to-talk expands your two-way radio talk groups nationwide. This helps increase your coverage area for your transportation and EOC departments. Schools now qualify to utilize FirstNet which is the dedicated broadband network for first responders and public safety to ensure un-throttled broadband access from your mobile devices during large events or emergency situations. 

Here's a few scenarios showing how FirstNet can help your school.


Scenario: School Bomb Threat and Evacuation

A Crisis on Campus

A School is evacuated

A bomb detonates in a student locker. Threats are made against several area schools. School district administrators frantically assemble bus drivers so they can pick up students and evacuate them to a safe, off-site location.

How can FirstNet help?

Give agencies local control of users and applications so they can automatically give others priority access to the network during times of emergency – for example, when students need to be evacuated.
Provide access to a network backbone that supports integration with Next Generation 9-1-1 services and Smart Cities public safety applications – ensuring that all aspects of emergency work/call flow are available to public safety.
Enable access to secure applications for data, voice, text and video sharing so bus drivers can get updates in near-real-time and as circumstances change.


Scenario: Campus Lockdown

An active shooter reported at a school

A potential gunman on campus

It’s a situation that’s unfortunately very familiar to many first responders – reports of an active shooter at a school or college campus. Time is of the essence, the search is frantic, and communications are key.

How can FirstNet help?

Provide priority access so first responders can connect to significant video resources on campus to help maintain situational awareness.
Prioritized 9-1-1 traffic to keep the lines of communication open so witnesses and victims can connect with first responders.
Location-based applications can help commanders coordinate and deploy resources and locate potential victims and suspects.
Provide technology that allows first responders to quickly and securely send high-resolution images and video to the emergency room. This allows doctors to review and assess any potential injuries before patients arrive at the hospital.


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