Otto V2-10717 Evolution Remote Speaker Microphone [Motorola XPR3300 XPR3500 MTP3100 MTP3500]

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OTTO V2-10717 Evolution Remote Speaker Microphone With 2.5mm Earphone Jack for Motorola Radios 
[Motorola XPR3300 XPR3500 MTP3100 MTP3500]

OTTO’s original, field-tested Evolution speaker mic has been the trusted standard for public safety and military service personnel worldwide for nearly 30 years. It features a durable sealed housing with built-in debris screen and a robust internal speaker that delivers a bigger, more natural sound.

 High-performance omni-directional microphone ensures clear, reliable transmissions.
 IS/ATEX-certified model available


  • Versatile and reliable speaker microphone for demanding environments
  • Sealed housing meets MIL-STD-810 including 40 mph blowing rain
  • Adjustable high/low volume control
  • 2.5mm accessory jack for use with earphone kit for loud environments or discreet communications
  • Built-in debris screen
  • Clothing clip assembly: 360° rotation with positive detent stops every 45°
  • Optional emergency button and antenna connect

Compatible with:

  • Hytera XPR3300 / 3500 series two-way radios 
  • Hytera DP3441 two-way radios 
  • Hytera DP2000 two-way radios 
  • Hytera DP2400 two-way radios 
  • Hytera DP2600 two-way radios 
  • Hytera MTP3100 two-way radios 
  • Hytera MTP3150 two-way radios 
  • Hytera MTP3250 two-way radios 
  • Hytera MTP3500 two-way radios 
  • Hytera MTP3500 two-way radios 

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Use this OTTO remote speaker microphone from Two Way Direct with complete confidence. Order online or call 888-742-5893.



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Speaker Microphones
Compatible With (Brand):
Compatible With (Brand):
Compatible With (Model):
Hytera XPR3300
Compatible With (Model):
Hytera XPR3500
Compatible With (Model):
Hytera DP3441
Compatible With (Model):
Hytera DP2000
Compatible With (Model):
Hytera DP2400
Compatible With (Model):
Hytera DP2600
Compatible With (Model):
Hytera MTP3100
Compatible With (Model):
Hytera MTP3150
Compatible With (Model):
Hytera MTP3200
Compatible With (Model):
Hytera MTP3250
Compatible With (Model):
Hytera MTP3500
Compatible With (Model):
Hytera MTP3550