NiMH 1,600 mAh Battery [HT750 HT1250 HT1550 PR860 MTX850 MTX950]

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NiMH 1600mAh 7.2V Replacement Battery - For Motorola HT750, HT1250, HT1550, MTX850, MTX950. Replacement battery for HNN9008AR, HNN4001A, HNN4002A, HNN4003BR, HNN9009AR, HNN9010AR, HNN9012BR, HNN9013DR, NNTN7380A, PMNN4045BR.

Fits Radio Models: GP320, GP340, GP360, GP640, GP680, GP1280, MTX960, HT750, HT1250, HT1250LS, HT1250LS+, HT1550, HT1550XLS, MTX150, MTX450, MTX1500, MTX4500, MTX8250, MTX8250LS, MTX850, MTX850LS, MTX9250, MTX950, PR860, PRO5150, PRO5350LTR, PRO5450MPT, PRO5550PP, PRO5750SZ, PRO7150, PRO7350LTR, PRO7450MPT, PRO7550PP, PRO7750SZ, PRO9150. This Battery is Cross Compatible with the following batteries: HNN9008A, HNN9008B, and can be switched with HNN9009, HNN9009A, HNN9009AR, HNN9013, HNN9013DR, HNN9012BR.

Compatible with:

HT1550 Batteries

GP320 Batteries

GP340 Batteries

PRO9150 Conventional Portable Batteries  

PRO7750 SZ Trunking Portable Batteries  

PRO7450 MPT Trunking Portable Batteries  

GP640 Batteries

PRO7550 PP Trunking Portable Batteries  

PRO7350 LTR Trunking Portable Batteries  

MTX450 Batteries  

MTX1500 Batteries  

MTX4500 Batteries  

MTX150 Batteries  

MTX 960 Batteries

GP360 Batteries

GP1280 Batteries

GP680 Batteries

PRO7150 Conventional Portable Batteries  

MTX850 Batteries  

MTX850·LS Batteries  

MTX950 Batteries  

HT1550·XLS Batteries  

HT1250·LS+ Batteries  

HT1250 Batteries  

HT1250·LS Batteries  

MTX8250 Batteries  

MTX8250·LS Batteries  

PRO5450 MPT Trunking Portable Batteries  

PRO5550 PP Trunking Portable Batteries  

PRO5750 SZ Trunking Portable Batteries  

PRO5350 LTR Trunking Portable Batteries  

PRO5150 Conventional Portable Batteries  

MTX9250 Batteries  

PR860 Batteries  

HT750 Batteries

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Motorola HT750
Compatible With (Model):
Motorola HT1250
Compatible With (Model):
Motorola HT1550
Compatible With (Model):
Motorola PR860
Compatible With (Model):
Motorola MTX850
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