Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT)

What is Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk?

The phrase “mission-critical push-to-talk” or “MCPTT” refers to a push-to-talk product functionality that meets the requirements for public safety mission-critical voice communication. This includes high availability, reliability, low-latency, support for group calls and 1:1 calls, talker identification, device-to-device direct communications, emergency calling, clear audio quality, and more. MCPTT is now typically used to refer to 3GPP’s “Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk over LTE” standard, which is part of 3GPP Release 13, which was finalized in March 2016. This is how the term is used in this paper. Phrases like “MCPTT service” and “MCPTT solution” are used to refer to a service or solution that complies with 3GPP’s MCPTT standard.

Benefits of MCPTT Service over LTE

While commercial LTE networks have been originally driven by the needs of consumers and business users, the evolving MCPTT standard allows public safety agencies to leverage LTE technological advancements for mission-critical communications. MCPTT service over LTE offers numerous advantages, including the following:

  • Mobile broadband capabilities
  • A single device for all mobile voice and broadband data applications
  • Integration of situational awareness and other public safety applications designed for LTE and devices running smartphone operating systems
  • Cost savings/economy of scale
  • Nationwide network coverage
  • Capacity scalability
  • Cross-agency interoperability
  • Thriving ecosystem

Cell Network & Radio Interoperability

AT&T connects your devices over the Long-Term Evolution (LTE) cell network and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) towers. This provides the flexibility to stay connected over multiple channels. If one network goes down or is out of reach, the other can pick up the slack.

This interoperability makes it easy for the new technology to integrate into your existing system for compatibility between all of your devices.

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