Icom F80S Intrinsically Safe Radio 256 Channels UHF [F80S 45 RC]

IC-F80S 45 RC
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Intrinsically Safe UHF 400-470MHz 4 Watt Radio, BP254FM 3040mAh Lith-Ion Battery, Rapid Charger BC119N 61, FASC57U Antenna, MB94 Belt Clip and free programming.

The IC-F80S UHF radio offers waterproof protection. The water removal design from the speaker grill keeps the communication clear, no matter what the elements are. This radio is also intrinsically safe with FM approvals. It is suitable for use in hazardous areas where flammable gasses or liquids are used. The F70S radio is structured with 256 memory channels and a large display screen for easy navigation. The durable build and special features provide security for you and others using this radio.

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