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Icom F6021 56 USA Analog Mobile Radio 128 Channels UHF [F6021 56 USA]

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F6021 56 USA
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Icom F6021 56 USA Analog Mobile Radio 128 Channels UHF [F6021 56 USA]

Boasting 128 channels, the Icom F6021 analog mobile radio provides a portable central hub for establishing a center of communications when you and your team are out in the field.

Featuring an 8-character alphanumeric, backlit display, the Icom F6021 has three power settings – High (45 watts), Medium (25 watts), and Low (4.5 watts)


  • Caller ID
  • Call Tones
  • Voice Scramble
  • Emergency Alert
  • Signal Strength Indicator

Another great feature of the Icom F6021 is the ability to handle the role of a repeater within a proper setup. As part of a repeater setup, you can increase the coverage area that your handheld radios operate in – with the F6021 receiving incoming transmissions from handheld radios and then re-broadcasting them out with a stronger wattage in real-time to everyone within broadcast range.

Two Way Direct also offers the Icom UHF 450-470MHz antenna attachment for the radio. This 40-inch antenna is key in maximizing the broadcast capabilities of your Icom F6021.

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Mobile Radios
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Base Stations
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128 Channels
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