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Icom F3031S Radio 128 Channels VHF [F3031S 81 RC]

IC-F3031S 81 RC
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Waterproof VHF 136-174MHz 5 Watt Radio, BP232WP 2300mAh Lith-Ion Battery, Rapid Charger BC-160 01, FASC55V Antenna, MB94 Belt Clip and free programming.

The IC-F3031S radio offers waterproof protection combined with versatile functions. The supplied waterproof Lith-Ion battery provides 17.5 hours of operating time. The battery had been designed for reliability in extremely cold environments. This radio comes complete with 128 memory channels, emergency and scanning functions, and 6 option buttons located on the front and side of the radio for easier navigation of channels and special features.

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