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FirstNet Solutions

FirstNet is committed to transforming public safety operations. The FirstNet network is complemented by a suite of public-safety driven solutions that provide additional value to first responders.

Current FirstNet solutions include:

  • Tools to help improve team communication, workflow, and situational awareness.
  • Device security and mobile device management to manage and help protect mobile devices.
  • Highly secure connections when connecting to critical public safety applications.
  • Cloud services to help optimize agency computing, storage, and network resources.

More solutions will be added in response to these focused development efforts and as public safety needs evolve. Future products and applications may encompass*:

  • Situational awareness and detection (includes geo-location, enhanced location services, and mobile sensors)
  • Video surveillance (includes body worn cameras, image recognition, and drones)
  • Mobile CAD and integrated CAD solutions
  • GIS mapping and location
  • Records management system
  • Cybersecurity and fraud detection
  • Internet of Things and Smart City initiatives, mass notifications
  • Telemetry/telemedicine
  • Mission-critical voice and video
  • Multi-agency communication and collaboration (dynamic chat groups, text, voice, images, video) for emergency operations

Contact a Two Way Direct FirstNet Solutions Specialist today by calling 888-742-5893 to learn more about these additional public safety communication solutions and pricing details.

* Specifics concerning the vision for future development are subject to change; however, we will continue to work with the public safety community so that future development is aligned with public safety needs.