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FirstNet: First Responder Network Authority

Public safety agencies across the United States are looking to use dedicated Public Safety networks such as FirstNet to help keep First Responders safe and save lives. 

The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) of the United States was created under the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 (MCTRJCA) as an independent authority within the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). The purpose of FirstNet is to establish, operate, and maintain an interoperable public safety broadband network.

To fulfill these objectives, Congress allotted $7 billion and 20 MHz of valuable radio spectrum to build the network. AT&T will spend about $40 billion over the life of the 25 year exclusive contract to build, deploy, operate and maintain the network, with a focus on ensuring robust coverage for public safety users. Additionally, AT&T will connect FirstNet users to the company’s telecommunications network assets, valued at more than $180 billion. 

During emergencies, public safety needs to be able to communicate without interruption - lives depend on it. It is critical that our nation’s law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics and other responders have True Priority for their daily and emergency communications needs. This is why FirstNet is deploying a wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety.  

Through the FirstNet network, public safety will have prioritized communications over a reliable, hardened LTE network. With this connection, our nation’s public safety personnel  will be able to share videos, images, text messages, location information and other data to help them do their jobs safer and more efficiently.

FirstNet’s prioritized network for public safety will be especially important during large emergencies when wireless traffic is concentrated in specific areas. Consumers may overload commercial wireless networks to call for help or let their family and friends know they are safe. At this point, capacity on commercial wireless networks can become insufficient for public safety’s needs.

The FirstNet network will provide first responders with True Priority. This means that public safety will have a connection when they need it most.


Key Benefits:

  1. FirstNet is a network fought for, designed by, and built for Public Safety
  2. FirstNet is what Congress mandated - a single, nationwide network architecture
  3. FirstNet is a network built specifically to the specifications that first responders and individual states established through a multi-year state consultation and RFP process
  4. FirstNet has a separate, redundant and dedicated core - it is NOT a virtual core as part of a commercial network
  5. FirstNet provides an Applications Catalog that ensures that applications are tested and certified
  6. FirstNet provides dedicated security monitoring of the network 24/7/365
  7. FirstNet has dedicated customer support personnel 24/7/365
  8. FirstNet has public safety dedicated disaster recovery resources and response coordination
  9. FirstNet has a dedicated lab run by the FirstNet Authority that tests and validates the performance of the network, devices and the applications ecosystem
  10. FirstNet has a sustainable financial model that guarantees reinvestment in public safety's network
  11. FirstNet is the only network with Band Class 14
  12. FirstNet has an oversight organization in the FirstNet Authority that not only ensures that AT&T delivers on its commitments but also advocates for public safety

Two Way Direct, an Authorized AT&T FirstNet Master Dealer, working collectively with it's Authorized Dealer Network, FirstNet Consultants and AT&T Direct Representatives to help implement FirstNet service to thousands of Police and Fire Departments nationwide. This process will ensure the customer has an efficient and seamless transition into FirstNet while understanding it's maximum potential to their specific agency.

Lives depend on first responders’ ability to communicate in disaster and emergency. That is why FirstNet was created – to develop a wireless, mobile network to modernize public safety communications and keep police radios, firefighter two-way radios, and other first responders connected when it counts the most.