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Application Ecosystem

The FirstNet Application Ecosystem will foster innovation in public safety

The FirstNet applications ecosystem provides a highly secure, reliable, and interoperable network of applications for the public safety community. From the application storefront and developer tools to the middleware and back-end storage solutions, the FirstNet application ecosystem is designed to enable developers to rapidly innovate within a governance structure aimed at applying prevailing industry standards for certification. This cohesive approach is what America’s first responders need to execute their daily jobs.

Advanced, customized apps developed for public safety’s sake

The FirstNet App Store will contain app and software solutions that will enable or enhance the public safety mission. An evolving set of software developers and suppliers will provide the apps and solutions needed by public safety. The FirstNet App Store will also serve as the home for the enterprise app portfolio, consisting of apps developed for, and in some cases by, the public safety community. All suppliers are vetted to ensure that they follow leading industry practices.

The FirstNet App Store will include mobile apps and solutions from multiple software providers in numerous categories. Mobile apps are typically used by end users on their mobile devices (handsets and tablets), while administrators log onto a console to manage features and configure subscribed services. Together these components form a solution. For example, Push-to-Talk on LTE devices will have a mobile app used by first responders on their LTE handsets, but the account management software portion of the solution will be used primarily by an administrator.

The FirstNet App Store will provide the convenience of a public app store with the added security features of a private app store. Subscription-based mobile apps, stand-alone mobile apps, and public safety administrative solutions can be reviewed from the store and easily downloaded by FirstNet users.

The FirstNet App Store will include:

  • Communication Tools - Fleet Management, Push-to-Talk Communications, and Work Force Management Solutions
  • Device Security Solutions - MDM and EMM
  • Private Connection Solutions - Private Connection and VPN solutions
  • Cloud Solutions - Cloud Storage options, Content Delivery Network, and Virtual Data Center Services

Contact a FirstNet Specialist today to learn more about the FirstNet App Store.


The hub for first responder and public safety news

FirstNet provides public safety agencies with control over and visibility into the FirstNet network operational status and site conditions. Local control is a key feature of the FirstNet solution, providing a powerful capability to optimize the user experience through a single convenient home page location. It provides public safety agencies the ability to manage user accounts and devices, manage user priority levels and adjust if needed during a time of crisis, monitor the network status in real-time, and manage Push-to-Talk users.

Through the agency’s Public Safety Home Page, FirstNet customers have access to several online self-service Local Control functions:

  • Network Status: Get an unprecedented level of insight into the broadband network status. Access maps of local coverage and site conditions, overlaid with external data.
  • User and Group Management: Manage users and groups. Using the federated ICAM tool, set up new users for the Public Safety Home Page, create groups, add group members, assign user roles and capabilities. 
  • Services and Billing Management: Manage services/billing and devices. Through a single portal, agency administrators can activate new devices and lines of service, set permanent role-based priority levels, change rate plans and add or delete new services, deactivate services or manage SIM swaps, and more. Public safety agencies can view wireless reports such as device inventory, upgrade eligibility, and rate plan summaries.
  • Application Management: Take total control over your applications. Administrators can push applications to mobile devices, recommend applications for download, and block applications.
  • Push-to-Talk Management: Take total control over your broadband PTT environment. Administrators can manage PTT talk groups/channels, create groups and manage contacts/address books, view maps with PTT user locations, set PTT priority levels, manage interoperability settings, and more.


Tomorrow’s leading public safety apps start here

Learn more about the FirstNet App Developer Program here.

The FirstNet solution includes an application development platform that encourages developers to explore and embrace FirstNet. The FirstNet Applications Developer Program is an incubator to foster interoperability and increase the quality and usability of public safety applications.

The FirstNet Applications Developer Program focuses on areas such as interoperability and highly secure communications, as well as innovative capabilities like streaming surveillance video, priority service, and mission critical service delivery for mobile applications. The Applications Developer Portal is a gateway into all resources required to successfully build, deploy, and maintain FirstNet applications.

The FirstNet Applications Developer Program will include an active calendar of hack-a-thons and workshops focused on developing applications that support the mission-critical needs of first responders and the public safety community. Members of the first responder community will be invited to facilitate direct interaction between users and developers of new public safety applications in a collaborative atmosphere.

Learn more about the FirstNet App Developer Program here or contact a Two Way Direct FirstNet Specialist by calling 888-742-5893.


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