Enhanced Push to Talk (EPTT)

AT&T Enhanced Push to Talk

Enhanced Push-to-Talk by AT&T adds a functionality similar to walkie-talkies to smartphones and tablets. This empowers them to communicate with dozens of other devices, including radios with LMR to LTE interoperability.

Faster and easier communication helps your team stay connected and productive on the job. Contact the specialists at Two Way Direct for expert support. We will work with you to build the ideal communications system for your staff.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Features

Enhanced Push-to-Talk is a comprehensive platform for connecting through voice and data with location-based features that allow for much more efficient coordination. When a team leader can see exactly where everyone is, they’re able to make better, faster judgment calls and assignments. Utilizing optional geo-fence capabilities can even ensure that team members stay out of potentially dangerous locations.

Voice message fallback is another useful feature offered by EPTT. If a team member doesn’t have their device, they receive a voice message that can be retrieved as soon as they come back to their device.

AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk features eight assignable talk group soft keys, as well as one-touch traditional radio operation.

Cell Network & Radio Interoperability

Depending on availability and connectivity, AT&T connects your devices over the Long-Term Evolution (LTE) cell network and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) towers. This provides the flexibility to stay connected over multiple channels. If one network goes down or is out of reach, the other can pick up the slack.

This interoperability makes it easy for the new radio technology to integrate into your existing system for compatibility between all of your devices.

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