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About Us

We are always at Your Beck and Call

Two Way Direct is an industry-leading wireless communications company that provides a wide range of products such as two-way radios, batteries, business two-way radios, handheld radios, portable radios, digital two-way radios, UHF radios, and other accessories. We are a team of experienced communication specialists who are well knowledgeable of what it requires to deliver great services such as installation and implementation of various systems that can improve the communication system of your business.

Here at Two Way Direct, we have been established as the go-to experts who you can always count on for communication that is safe, efficient and easy to control for the improvement of your business operation. We also offer fast repairs of various models of two-way radios to different companies. Even if you need to rent any products to promote the communication of your business, we are more than capable to help you.

Fast, Effective and Reliable Services and Products

Since we stock different types of inventory, our shipping is very fast and efficient. Without a doubt, you can rest assured that you are getting quick delivery of any products you are getting from us. Our services are great, and the testimonies of our clients are the evidence of how well we have been providing the impeccable services that we promise everyone.

We are now an AT&T FirstNet Master Dealer and this enables us to improve the delivery of our services. Our specialists can help you establish, operate, and maintain an interoperable public safety broadband network. FirstNet allows you to share videos, images, text messages, location information and other important data that will make you get your business done easily, safely, and efficiently without wasting time.


Two Way Direct
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