Vocality Radio Over IP (Land Mobile Radio Interoperability Kit)

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Suitable for use in a wide range of markets including emergency services, energy production, military applications and more. The Vocality RoIP provides users with a simple to use, small form factor radio connectivity solution, unlike any in our market today.

Kit Includes:

(1) 68664/LTENA/RP/1: Vocality RoIP LTE(NA) AT&T Retail Pack (1 of 4 ports activated - $800 per additional port activation)

(1) Secure VPN Tunnel Activation Annual License

(1) Failover Multibearer Annual License

(1) Power Supply

(1) Radio Cable

(1) Year Warranty: Price included with annual license


Sold Separately:

Donor Radio/s

Activation Service

Phones with EPTT