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Visual Labs Smartphone Body Camera Solution

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The body camera company that does not make body cameras.™

The Smartphone Body Camera Solution by Visual Labs is a FirstNet Certified Application which runs on your smartphone enabling you to have all the functionality of a body worn camera solution without having to purchase the body camera. It uses your existing smartphone which saves you money!


  • Record body camera videos without needing to interact with the screen
  • Capture evidentiary photos using a simple and intuitive interface
  • Take audio recordings and bookmark important moments
  • Utilize any Android smartphone without compromising other functionality (ex: phone calls, email)

Real-Time Situational Awareness

  • Live Video
  • Location

Automatic Upload

  • Footage is automatically uploaded from the field via a secure connection
  • Moments after an incident, it can be viewed by authorized personnel 
  • No docking stations or in-car routers are necessary 

Manage Metadata

  • A digital fingerprint ensures the chain of custody for footage from the moment it is captured
  • Users can easily add free-form annotations and tags right from the smartphone
  • All footage has associated location and timestamp data

Body Worn Computers

  • Real-time location data provides positional awareness to supervisors
  • All footage and data is encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Add additional applications for enhanced operational efficiency 

Easy to Use

  • Utilize dedicated buttons to easily start and end recordings without interacting with the screen
  • Mark important moments and mute audio where appropriate 
  • Clips, magnets and pouches provide numerous secure mounting options

Evidence Management

Situational Awareness

  • Authorized website users can see the real-time position and status of users in the field
  • As needed, view real-time video and audio feeds
  • Robust permission set and audit trails ensure user privacy is respected

Manage Footage

  • Quickly find footage through a powerful search tool
  • Retain footage according to customizable retention schedules
  • Tag and annotate footage with relevant metadata such as case numbers and classifications
  • Utilize location data as additional context for footage

Simultaneous Playback

  • View synchronized videos on one screen to get a complete view of an incident
  • Easily find related footage by user, time or location
  • Advance frame by frame to extract important details

Advanced Analytics

  • Location-based analytics provide data for various types of reports
  • Heatmaps provide an aggregated overview of staff coverage
  • Geofencing capabilities provide automatic reports and alters for critical areas, such as contract cities and schools


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