Boosting Two-Way Radio Coverage

Posted by Two Way Direct on 30th Sep 2022

   Handheld range can be affected by a number of variables, including environment, weather as well as structurally where they are communicating, indoor or outdoor.

Here are a few ways to enhance your two way radio coverage:

1.) Ensure you are on the proper frequency band

   Whether it’s dead zones, spotty signal or interference, coverage depends largely on the topography of your area and where you are trying to communicate from; point A to point B. As you may know, the UHF frequency band is ideal for those requiring signal to penetrate through walls and other obstacles. The VHF frequency band extends further for line-of-site communication without anything in the way. Be sure to analyze your current system as well as your location to be sure that your team is utilizing the proper frequency band for your operations.

2.) Improve your antenna

    Antennas, centrally located and at higher points of a campus are ideal for boosting signal. Also, purchasing two way radios with larger antennas can help to increase coverage as well as to prevent interference from external devices. You can also seek out an elevated area nearby to try and boost coverage if needed.

3.) Add a repeater

    Repeaters are a great option for extending coverage. Their function is to simply receive signal from one radio and re-transmit that to the other radio with increased power. Ideally, repeaters should be installed in a central location in order to boost coverage equally at all angles. These products are typically used for hospitals, hotels, airports, and really any location, which requires more coverage than what simple handhelds can offer.

4.) Take care of your battery

   It is very important that when you charge your two-way radios, the handhelds are powered off. This allows the  battery to fully charge and is better able to maintain that charge for future use. Coverage can definitely be affected by low battery issues, so the health of these accessories is very important. Utilizing a multi-unit charger for larger teams allows for consolidation of radios and ensures that they are charged fully and properly. Replacement batteries are also great to have on-hand in the off-chance that a radio loses power.

   These simple steps can help increase coverage as well as the life of your two-way radio system.

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