Tsunami Plug & Play Security Camera Surveillance System

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ULTRA High Definition Video capturing for: Criminal Forensics * Asset Management * Marketing 

What is the Tsunami?

The TSUNAMI is a state of the art, plug & play security camera surveillance system that can be deployed anywhere in the world then transmit live video just minutes after connecting to power. With its four ULTRA High-Definition cameras and an internal self-management system, the TSUNAMI is able to see hundreds of feet in 360° at all times, live, and up to 20+ days in the past. A user can actually zoom into a person’s face, or a license plate, from weeks ago. Multiple designated users are able to access the forensic quality video from a secure connection anywhere in the world via the TSUNAMI's internal mainframe hard drive. The TSUNAMI operates on the iron clad FirstNet network, a hard-wired networked system or simply connected to the Internet. The TSUNAMI can transmit video from its location to the user on wired or wireless connection. The user can also receive the video on a variety of devices such as desktop computers, patrol car laptops or any smart device. That’s right… live video from any area of the city on your phone. 

This patent pending solution is used for municipalities, military, law enforcement, housing authorities, department of corrections, educational institutions, and many other government entities.

Superior Benefits and Features

  • NEW: License Plate Recognition (LPR) System add-on feature
  • Plug & Play 360° System with Monsoon ULTRA Long Range Camera
  • ULTRA High-Def recording with exceptional infrared night-vision
  • 4M ULTRA High Definition cameras 
  • 20+ days of full throttle 24/7 recording on 8 terabytes internal storage
  • Armor-plated interior up to .45 caliber
  • Wireless 4G Uplink + WiFi internet HotSpot
  • Motion detection in selected regions
  • Internal heating/cooling system
  • Remotely view from any smart device or computer
  • Lease and purchase options available
  • Life time unlimited warranty & NEW upgrade every 4 years with lease! 


  • Housing Authorities
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Municipalities
  • Schools and Universities 
  • Department of Corrections
  • Special Events
  • Other Government Agencies 

Blowing the Competition Away

Have you ever wondered why almost ALL security cameras are low to medium resolution?

Because they have to be! It would be nearly impossible to send massive amounts of ULTRA High-Definition data 24/7 over a cabled or wireless network, and storage would be a nightmare. Don’t worry…. we solved this problem. Since the TSUNAMI records all video INTERNALLY on a mainframe-sized hard drive, the data is not transmitted unless called upon. Therefore, we get movie quality video without watching the movie all day long. But, if an event were to happen, the user retrieves only the relevant video needed in ULTRA High Resolution.



Custom Map For Your Tsunami Locations



Digital Light Balancing (DLB) ©

Our new DLB technology digitally enhances darker foreground objects while defusing brighter background areas.



ULTRA High Definition – Let’s Compare!

As a result of recording ULTRA High Definition in all 360° at all times, a user is able to review past footage from any direction and have the ability to zoom into the image up to 20+ days into the past.


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Video Surveillance
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