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pCom XL
pCom XL

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pCom® XL – Powered Mobile Satellite Communications Trailer 


Stay connected to critical communications in disaster or emergency situations


What if you could set up your own cell site for critical communications, in a disaster, or in an area with no coverage? AT&T Remote Mobility Zone (ARMZ) can provide HSPA/HSPA+* voice and data equipment that can be dynamically deployed in a disaster area where mobile coverage has been disrupted. It can also be set up in any area where AT&T cellular coverage is not available, and where AT&T is licensed to provide cellular service.


Who should consider this solution?


AT&T Remote Mobility Zone offers a simple and powerful solution for: 


  • Enterprises and government entities looking for a business continuity solution for remote installations. Whether the AT&T network is needed at remote mining operations or to cover remote military installations, AT&T Remote Mobility Zone brings instant coverage. It can also be closely integrated in a customer installation to optimize coverage and reduce cost.
  • First responders. Whether they are part of the federal, state, or local government, or part of law enforcement or homeland security, first responders can benefit from the highly portable aspect of AT&T Remote Mobility Zone and deploy it as part of their first-line response team. AT&T Remote Mobility Zone can be installed on the roof of a command vehicle, or deployed on the ground, in a matter of minutes.


How does it work?


Each AT&T Remote Mobility Zone system relies on the same basic components. The mast and its cellular antenna provide cellular service to wireless phones and other communication devices within the coverage area. The mast connects to the main unit, which hosts the active electronic equipment. The main unit can be then connected to the satellite system or Internet via a local area network (provided by the customer or AT&T). Traffic is then transmitted to the AT&T cellular network.




Potential benefits


Flexible and easy customer-deployable solution
AT&T Remote Mobility Zone is available in the vital first minutes of a disaster. It’s always on, using VSAT and PSTN connectivity.


Fully managed service
AT&T Remote Mobility Zone uses a cellular spectrum that is automatically managed by AT&T. It detects potential interference and assigns the radio frequency with the lowest interference level. An optional satellite service is hosted and managed by AT&T.


Key features


  • Operates using a spectrum licensed by AT&T—Authorized AT&T phones “just work”
  • “Instant on”—whenever the customer needs it
  • Each radio can support up to 100 concurrent calls
  • Whitelist capability restricts general public access
  • Easy to set up and use


Service configurations


AT&T Remote Mobility Zone offers two solution service models: trailer and fixed. Both service models are available to government and enterprise customers.