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Single Unit Rapid Charger [CP200 CP200XLS PR400 WPLN4138AR WPLN4137BR]

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Two Way Direct's rapid rate desktop Motorola CP200 charger will charge your battery within 2 hours. Lightweight and compact design supports NiCd, NiMH, and Li-ion battery chemistries.

The battery charger's pocket will accommodate either a radio with a battery or a battery alone.

When a battery is properly seated in the pocket, the Motorola WPLN4138AR charger led will light red to indicate that the battery is charging rapidly. When the battery is 90% charged, the LED will being to blink green to indicate that the battery is trickel charging. When the battery is fully charged, the LED with chage to a steady green light to indicate that the battery is fully charged.

NOTE: Even though new batteries might prematurely indicate a full charge (steady green LED), it is recommended to charge new batteries for 14 to 16 hours prior to initial use for best performance.

Batteries will charge best at room temperature.

LED Color
Battery / Charger Status
No LED Indication
Battery is inserted incorrectly
Single Green Blink
Successful charger power-up
Blinking Red *
Battery is unchargeable or not making proper contact.
Steady Red
Battery is in rapid charging mode
Blinking Yellow **
Battery is in charger, not in rapid-charge mode but waiting to be charged.
Blinking Green
Battery is charged (to 90% or greater capacity)
Steady Green
Battery is fully charged.

Blinking Red LED Indicator?

1. Remove the battery from the charger and;

a. make sure that is a Motorola original battery as other batteries may not charge.

b. use a pencil eraser to clean the three metal contacts at the back fo the battery. place the batter back in the charger.

2. Power up the charger and place the batter back into the pocket. If the LED indicator continues to blink red, replace the batttery.

Blinking Yellow LED Indicator?

The battery temperature may be below 41 degress F or above 104 degress F.

The battery voltage may be lower that the predetermined threshold level for rapid charging.

NOTE: Rapid charging outside of the stated temperature and voltage limits can drastically reduce the life expectancy of the batery.

NOTE: When the battery charger detects the proper battery conditions, rapid charging begins automatically (steady red LED).

This item fits the following radios:
CP150, CP200, EP450, PR400





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