Single Unit Rapid Charger [CP200 CP200XLS PR400 WPLN4138AR WPLN4137BR]

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With a lightweight and compact design, the desktop Motorola CP200 charger (SKU #s WPLN4138AR and WPLN4137BR) will get your radio’s power source back up to full in just two hours! Designed by Two Way Direct to handle NiCd, NiMH, and Li-ion battery types, this charger has an LED indicator to let you know when your battery (by itself or still coupled with radio) is back at 100%.

Charge the Following Radios

  • CP150
  • CP200
  • CP200XLS
  • EP450
  • PR400

Quick-fixes for Known Issues

  • Blinking Red LED?
    • Remove the battery from the charger
    • Make sure that the battery is Motorola-compatible
    • Clean the three metal contacts at the back of the battery with a pencil eraser
    • Insert the battery back into the charger – if the LED is still blinking red, you need to replace the battery
  • Blinking Yellow LED?
    • Battery temperature may be outside the optimal range (41 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit), which will drastically impact the life of the battery. Once the temperature is in the acceptable range, the charger will automatically begin to work again.
LED Color
Battery / Charger Status
No LED Indication
Battery is inserted incorrectly
Single Green Blink
Successful charger power-up
Blinking Red *
Battery is unchargeable or not making proper contact.
Steady Red
Battery is in rapid charging mode
Blinking Yellow **
Battery is in charger, not in rapid-charge mode but waiting to be charged.
Blinking Green
Battery is charged (to 90% or greater capacity)
Steady Green
Battery is fully charged.

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Contact our U.S.-based call center about a new sale or any questions you have. For this rapid-rate desktop charger (WPLN4138AR, WPLN4137BR), order online or call 888-742-5893.

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Motorola CP200 & CP200D
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Motorola PR400
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