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MRN-GPSK Marine GPS Receiver

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Uniden‰Ûªs MRN-GPSK provides a simple solution to connecting GPS to your Uniden fixed mount Marine VHF Radio.

The Marine GPS receiver provides GPS coordinates and your MMSI of your vessel when pressing the distress button. Your radio will then send out your coordinates to other vessels.

The included adapter cable plugs directly into your fixed mount radio and tells

The compact GPS design includes connector base to easily secure to your boat. Its waterproof design lets you mount the unit outside, for best satellite signal reception.

Technical Specifications

GPS Chipset SIRF Star III e/LP
Horizontal PositionAccuracy 5m 2D RMS WAAS received 10m2DRMS WAAS notreceived
Velocity Accuracy 0.1m/sec 95% (SA off)
Time Accuracy 1 microsecond synchronized to GPS time



Hot Start

1 sec., average (with ephemeris and almanac valid)

Warm Start

38 sec., average (with almanac but not ephemeris)

Cold Start

42 sec., average (neither almanac nor ephemeris)


0.1 sec., average (interruption recovery time)

GPS Protocol

NMEA 0183

NMEA0183V2.2protocol(SuppostsGGA,GSA, GSV, andRMCcommands)

GPS Transfer Rate


Acceleration Limit

Less than 4g

Altitude Limit

18,000 meters (60,000 feet) max.

Velocity Limit

515 meters/sec. (1,000 knots) max.

Jerk Limit

20 m/sec**3

Operating Temperature

‰ÛÒ 40å¡ ~ 185å¡ F (‰ÛÒ 40å¡ ~ 85å¡ C)

Storage Temperature

‰ÛÒ 40å¡ ~ 185å¡ F (‰ÛÒ 40å¡ ~ 85å¡ C)


Up to 95% non-condensing


13.8V DC Input (nominal)


42mA typical

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