Motorola PMPN4577A IMPRES Single Unit Charger [XPR3500 XPR3000]

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Motorola PMPN4577A IMPRES Single Unit Charger [XPR3500 XPR3000]

PMPN4577A: Motorola Single Unit Desktop Charger for XPR3000 and XPR3500 two-way radios.

Power Suppy Included. 

Compatible Radio Models:

  • Motorola XPR3000 two-way radios
  • Motorola XPR3500 two-way radios 


  • Chemistries supported: NiMH, NiCad, Li-Ion
  • Charge rate: rapid
  • Cups: 1
  • Use with XPR3500 two-way radio
LED Color
Battery / Charger Status
No LED Indication
Battery is inserted incorrectly
Single Green Blink
Successful charger power-up
Blinking Red *
Battery is unchargeable or not making proper contact.
Steady Red
Battery is in rapid charging mode
Blinking Yellow **
Battery is in charger, not in rapid-charge mode but waiting to be charged.
Blinking Green
Battery is charged (to 90% or greater capacity)
Steady Green
Battery is fully charged.

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Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty


Product Type:
Accessory Type:
Compatible With (Brand):
Compatible With (Model):
Motorola XPR3000
Compatible With (Model):
Motorola XPR3500