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Motorola MagOne PMNN4071 Replacement NiMH 1600mAh Battery With Belt Clip [BPR40 BPR40D]

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Motorola MagOne PMNN4071 Replacement NiMH 1600mAh Battery With Belt Clip [BPR40 BPR40D]

Manufactured in-house by Two Way Direct as a versatile alternative to be used with many Motorola handheld two-way radios, the battery connects to your handheld unit and provides long lasting use. This battery is a direct replacement for the Motorola PMNN4071 Li-Ion battery. Our in house battery provides stronger power and comes with a preassembled belt clip. 

Supported by a 1-year warranty from Two Way Direct, the radio battery is an affordable replacement unit for the Motorola PMNN4071. Our battery is a popular choice for those who use Motorola handheld radios.

Spec Sheet

Key Features:

  • 7.2 V 
  • 1600 mAh 
  • NiMH Chemistry 
  • Belt-Clip Included

Cross-Compatible Batteries:

  • Motorola PMNN4071AR Battery 
  • Motorola PMNN4075AR Battery 

NiMH 1,600 mAh battery or Motorola Mag One BPR40 Battery for use with Motorola BPR40 radios. Replacement option for the Motorola PMNN4071AR and PMNN4075AR batteries.

Compatible Radio Models:

  • Motorola Mag One BPR40 two-way radios
  • Motorola Mag One BPR40D two-way radios

Motorola two way radio battery advice

How to check two way radio battery ago:
  1. Look for the 3 digit date code on the front of your battery.
  2. The 1st number stands for the year, 2nd and 3rd numbers stand for the week of the year the battery was manufactured.
  3. If the date is more than 1.5 years old, you should replace the battery.
  4. This battery on the left was made during the week of December 17, 2006, or week 51, 2006.

Motorola Mag One Battery Care

  • Charge your new battery overnight before using it. This is referred to as "initializing" and will enable you to obtain maximum battery capacity.New Motorola IMPRES batteries, when inserted into a Motorola IMPRES charger, will indicate a calibration cycle by displaying a steady yellow light on the charge status indicator. Allow this calibration process to complete by not removing the battery from the charger until it's fully charged and displays a steady green light.

    • Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride: Charge 14-16 hours
    • Lithium-ion/Polymer: Charge 1-2 more hours after the charger light turns green.
  • In order to minimize capacity loss and cycle life reduction, new, non-initialized batteries must be stored in well ventilated, cool and dry locations. Batteries stored in these conditions may be stored:If used batteries are to be removed from service for extended periods (greater than 30 days) they should be discharged to about 50% of their capacity. Store in a cool, dry, location.

    • Nickel Cadmium up to 2 years.
    • Nickel Metal Hydrive up to 18 months.
    • Lithium-ion Polymer up to 18 months.
  • Charge a new battery after it is fully discharged (Lithium Ion batteries can be recharged at any time).

  • DO NOT use the battery charger as a radio stand; continuous charging will shorten the battery life.

  • Keep spare batteries for swapping out when your battery needs to be recharged. This is the most cost effective solution for users requiring longer operating time.

  • Batteries that are in storage for more than two months need to be recharged:

    • Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydrive: Charge 14-16 hours
    • Lithium-ion/Polymer: Charge 1-2 more hours after the charger light turns green.
  • When using a Motorola rapid charger, leave the battery in the charger for an additional 1-2 hours after the steady green light appears. Applies to non-IMPRES batteries only.

  • Only charge a battery when it needs it. If it is not fully discharged, do not recharge it.

  • Do not return fully charged non-IMPRES batteries to the charger for an 'extra boost.' This action will significantly reduce cycle life.

  • With proper care, batteries should last about a year and a half..

Battery Analysis

Two-way radio batteries are central to the proper functioning of your radios. Many radio users are unaware that their radio batteries are close to expiring or losing power. A lifeless battery can cause many radio failures and warning signs are a first clue to a potential problem (see battery care on the advice page). For many operations radios are used on multiple shifts and are not cared for or inspected on a regular basis. Good quality Motorola radios are meant to last even in the most harsh environments, however, your radio is only as good as the battery inside.

Our new FREE Battery Analysis service is designed to get a current reading of your battery status. The new system is called the Battery Optimizing System. This system provides fast, effective and accurate readings of the battery health and can accommodate most any battery.


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Use this Motorola BPR40 & BPR40D battery from Two Way Direct with complete confidence. Order online or call 888-742-5893.

Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty


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Motorola BPR40 & BPR40D
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  • 5
    Replacement Battery for BPR 40

    Posted by Debbie Dodd on 1st Apr 2022

    So far I have been very well pleased with the batteries we purchased.

  • 5
    Exactly what we needed

    Posted by Serena Spradling on 9th Nov 2021

    Had what we needed and ship very fast and customer service was great in following up to make sure we got it!

  • 5

    Posted by Gemma Faulk on 11th Sep 2014

    This battery has been so wonderful for my radio application. I don't have to charge it nearly as much as I used to. The price and the quality make this a worthwhile purchase.

  • 4
    new life to my old walkie talkies

    Posted by Arthur on 28th May 2014

    Was having some trouble getting the batteries I ordered due to back orders but when I called the last time to check on them the customer service rep was able to get me a better battery and faster shipping than originally ordered to compensate for my waiting. They arrived when he said they would and after the proper charge time I installed them (not knowing if my radios even still worked) and they are working great! We now have walkie talkies that last all day long under construction enviroments

  • 5
    Great Battery

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Feb 2014

    This battery is not only inexpensive, but it has incredible battery life. I am very impressed with this product.

  • 5
    Battery Lasts All Day

    Posted by Diana on 6th Feb 2014

    I saved a lot getting this battery but was worried about the quality. It lasts all day though and I haven't had any problems. Take it from me, this was a great buy! They shipped it same day too!