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  • LG V20™ smartphone features latest Android® OS making the most of the large 5.7-inch HD display and second screen with Android Nougat’s enhanced notifications and multi-window support.
  • The 5-megapixel front camera is equipped with a wide-angle lens and Auto Shot for taking photos automatically once a face is detected.
  • The rear camera is equipped with a 16-megapixel standard-angle lens and an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens that can capture 3 times more of a scene than a standard-angle lens.
  • Record smooth and steady video with the Steady Record feature, which uses Electronic image stabilization (EIS) to shift the image frame by frame and counter unintentional movement when recording.
  1. Hi-Fi QUAD DAC (Digital to Analog Conversion) requires listening through wired headsets or speakers sold separately.
  2. HD Voice has limited availability in select markets. May not be available in your area. Deployment is ongoing. HD Voice Requirements: To experience HD Voice, both parties on the call must be located in an AT&T HD Voice coverage area and have an AT&T HD Voice-capable device and SIM with HD Voice set up on their account. HD Voice-capable device selection is limited at this time. Incompatible Services/Features: The following services/features are currently incompatible with HD Voice: prepaid service, Smart Limits, Ringback Tones, and OfficeDirect and OfficeReach (for business customers). HD Voice is available at no additional cost; standard voice rates apply and are charged according to your wireless rate plan. Demo provides example of actual HD Voice call. Results not guaranteed.
  3. AT&T Video Call: Not available in all areas. Usage/Charges: Each Video Call uses both voice and data (unless on Wi-Fi). The voice portion counts towards voice minutes and video portion counts as data usage under your existing wireless rate plan. Requirements: All parties to a Video Call must be AT&T postpaid wireless customers with Video Call-capable devices and located within AT&T HD Voice coverage. Device selection is limited at this time. Unless disabled, Video Call capability is displayed to other AT&T Video Call-capable customers. Wi-Fi: Once started or received on the mobile network, Video Calls automatically switch to Wi-Fi if your device accesses an available Wi-Fi Internet connection. An AT&T wireless network connection is still required even while on Wi-Fi. Voice/data charges do not apply to Video Call over Wi-Fi. If you move in or out of Wi-Fi coverage while using Video Call, your call will disconnect unless you have AT&T HD Voice coverage. Incompatible Services/Features: AT&T Video Call requires an account that is set up for HD Voice. HD Voice is incompatible with AT&T Smart Limits, Office Direct and OfficeReach. Visit for more information. For more details on AT&T Video Call, see FAQs.
  4. AT&T Wi-Fi Calling: Requires AT&T Wi-Fi Calling-capable smartphone and Wi-Fi network. Once enabled, phone automatically makes/receives calls/text messages over Wi-Fi in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands (“Domestic Coverage Area) if wireless network coverage is weak or unavailable, or outside of the Domestic Coverage Area anytime you connect to a Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi Calling is available on select devices. Charges: (Voice) Wi-Fi Calls to domestic numbers will not incur additional charges (excluding calls to 411 and other premium numbers) and will not impact voice call airtime usage. International Long Distance: Wi-Fi calls to international numbers will incur international long distance charges. Please visit for a list of AT&T international long distance calling pay-per-use rates and available packages. (SMS/MMS) Text messages sent/received through Wi-Fi Calling count against the messaging usage limits of your plan. Service Limits: Use of Wi-Fi Calling may be restricted in some countries. See excluded countries at If you move in or out of Wi-Fi coverage while on a Wi-Fi call your call will disconnect unless you have AT&T HD Voice coverage (911 calls will disconnect even if you are within HD Voice coverage). HD Voice not available everywhere. To enable Wi-Fi Calling, must have postpaid wireless account provisioned for HD Voice. Visit for more details. Cannot use Wi-Fi Calling to call 211, 311, 511, and 811. See Wi-Fi Calling FAQ for more information. TTY Limitations for 911 Calls & Real-Time Text (RTT) Progress: Due to technical limitations, Wi-Fi Calling cannot be used with TTY devices and will not support 911 calls over TTY devices. Persons with communications disabilities can still reach 911 services by either (1) calling 911 directly using a TTY over the cellular network or from a landline telephone, or (2) sending a text message to 911 directly (in areas where text-to-911 is available) from a wireless device, or (3) using relay services to place a TTY or captioned telephone service (CTS) call from a wireless phone over the cellular network or from a landline telephone, or (4) using relay services to place a IP Relay or IP CTS call over a cellular data or other IP network. View RTT progress.
  5. Messaging rates apply.
  6. Advanced Messaging: Both sender & recipient(s) must be AT&T postpaid wireless customers with Advanced Messaging-capable devices that are turned on and must be within AT&T’s owned & operated domestic coverage area. Device selection is limited at this time. Restrictions: File attachments must be 10MB or less. Charges: Your wireless rate plan’s SMS & MMS rates apply. Each file attachment counts & is charged as a separate MMS. Incompatible Services/Features: Advanced Messaging requires an account that is set up for HD Voice. HD Voice is incompatible with AT&T Smart Limits, Office Direct & OfficeReach. Visit for more information. Advanced Messaging also will not work if messaging or data has been blocked on your line. For additional Advanced Messaging details, see
  7. Requires Mobile Share or a min. DataPro 5GB plan. Devices connected to your Mobile Hotspot use data from your plan. Overage charges apply if the included monthly data allowance is exceeded. Performance may vary depending on the number of devices connected and other factors. If you do not enable password protection others will be able to use your connection.
  8. AT&T Locker: Requires compatible smartphone, tablet, or computer with Internet access. Service intended for US-based customers only. Standard data rates apply. Free storage amounts subject to change and may be discontinued at any time. For terms, see
  9. Separate subscription required and data rates apply.
  10. Based on mixed usage scenario. Many factors affect battery life, including network connectivity, application usage, feature configuration and battery age. Actual results may vary.
  11. Limited 4G LTE availability. LTE is a trademark of ETSI.
  12. Portion of memory occupied by existing content.
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