Icom F4011 Radio 16 Channels UHF [F4011 42 RC]

IC-F4011 42 RC
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UHF 450-512MHz 4 Watt Radio, BP232H 2300mAh Lith-Ion Battery, Rapid Charger BC-160 01, FASC57U Antenna, MB94 Belt Clip and free programming.

The Icom F4011 UHF land mobile radio is intensely strong. It has a military rugged exterior and is completely weather resistant. This radio can withstand rain and perform to its maximum ability in the middle of a snowstorm. It is ideal for people who work outside and experience diverse weather conditions while using their radios. The IC-F4011 also offers a substantial amount of abundant features that allow you to have the best communication between your Icom UHF two-way radios.


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