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GPS Asset Tracking

GPS Asset Tracking and Asset Management Solutions

GPS fleet tracking for fleet management isn’t just for automobiles anymore. GPS-based asset management solutions are being used by businesses across a wide variety of industries to track and monitor their equipment fleet assets. These businesses include those that manage heavy equipment for construction, portable generators, refrigerated trailers, and even medical equipment.

For many businesses, GPS tracking and asset management go together like a beer and a burger, or apple pie and ice cream. However, what many organizations do not realize is that they need to use both real-time GPS asset tracker data and specialized asset management software technologies and processes together to track their assets effectively.

When combined with the asset management software, an asset tracking device enables you to track, monitor, and record a wide variety of data, asset use statistics, and events, including:

  • Asset location
  • Asset activation/deactivation
  • Door opening/closing
  • Driver behaviors
  • Hours of use
  • Motion and automatic wake-up
  • Temperature and humidity

Why GPS Asset Tracking?

Tapping into an accurate GPS asset tracking system streamlines your asset management efforts. Having access to a GPS equipment tracker’s invaluable data gives you greater control of your high-value assets in the field and helps make your asset management work more efficient. It’s important to note that the specific benefits you see will change based on the particular GPS devices and software you use.

Some frequently-realized benefits of using GPS include:

Increased Theft Protection

Generators, trailers, and other high-value assets make tempting targets for thieves. With a GPS asset tracking system on your high-value assets, you can remotely track the asset’s location at all times, helping you quickly recover stolen items.

Improved Contract Enforcement

If you rent out major assets for use by other parties, using an asset management system you're able to track asset use and location can help with contract enforcement. For example, you can make sure assets don’t leave the agreed-upon service/use area.

Improved Maintenance

By tracking use statistics for hours worked and time since last maintenance check, you can improve your ability to schedule maintenance for an asset so that it remains in top condition.

Better Customer Support

By tracking the current status of assets in the field, you can increase your responsiveness to emergency situations. For example, if a rented refrigerated trailer loses power, you can receive an alert and notify the client of the issue—potentially saving your client from losing the trailer’s cargo to spoilage.