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Coverage Testing

It is imperative to verify FirstNet coverage for all customers prior to FirstNet project deployments. Please follow these steps to ensure coverage is adequate for the customer.

  1. Review the AT&T coverage map for initial "LTE with priority" coverage assessment.
  2. Register the opportunity here if you haven't done so already.
  3. Request detailed Band14 coverage review during the initial co-sell discovery call (Reference: Co-Sell Process)
  4. Dealer identifies a customer need and a timeline to test FirstNet coverage (free demo SIM from Two Way Direct active for 30 days).
  5. Dealer informs their TWD Channel Manager of plans to perform a coverage test.
  6. Dealer secures Band14 compatible demo hardware for the customer.
  7. Dealer obtains an initial approval and 3 week trial timeline window from the customer to do a FirstNet demo to validate coverage.
  8. Dealer notifies their TWD Channel Manager once the customer has approved a demo and provide timeline.
  9. Dealer provides IMEI of Band14 compatible hardware to their TWD Channel Manager.
  10. Dealer notifies the customer to look for an email from AT&T which need terms and conditions acceptance.
  11. Customer receives and accepts terms and conditions acknowledgement for the demo order via email.
  12. Active demo FirstNet SIM is overnight shipped to Chris Ortiz and he forwards it overnight to the dealer (or directly to customer if requested). Lead time for dealer to receive active SIM is approximately 3 business days after the customer accepts the terms and conditions.