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  1. You are ready for coverage testing and need a black FirstNet SIM card
  2. You are ready for a FirstNet quote to submit with your hardware quote
  3. When the customer authorizes the purchase


Need help with the registration form? Watch the help video below...


Q: If I register an opportunity, will you be contacting my customer without me?

A: No. We will not engage the customer without you. You are the sales lead at all times.


Q: When should I register an opportunity?

A: As early as possible. You don't want to wait until it's too late. Other direct teams might get engaged before you.


Q: What if the customer is somewhat interested in learning more but not enough to register the opportunity?

A: Invite them to a Live Webinar to learn more about the key benefits of FirstNet. You can even register for them over the phone and tell them to look in their email for the GoToWebinar calendar invite. 


Q: Does registering the opportunity guarantee the sale for me?

A: Although it greatly increases your chances, you must remain involved in the entire sales process. Ultimately, the customer makes the final decision on who to purchase from. We work hard with you to win the business. 


Q: Should I be concerned if the FirstNet Consultant or AT&T Direct Seller take the lead from me after I register it?

A: Absolutely not. This is a co-sell process and we work together as a team. We're all here to help provide FirstNet and Pricing expertise. Within this program, the FirstNet Consultant and AT&T Direct Seller still get full-boat commission when we process the final order with your dealer code. Everybody wins and there is no incentive to take the business from you by any parties involved.