Co-Sell Process

Last Updated: 1/15/19 @ 7:25am PST

STEP 1: Register the Opportunity

Identify an opportunity, evaluate an initial assessment of coverage here, then complete the registration form. Use the registration form as a checklist to gather information from the customer.

STEP 2: Opportunity Validation

The Two Way Direct Channel Manager will validate the opportunity and will gather additional information from the dealer if needed before submitting to AT&T and FirstNet. This is to ensure key dealer value identifiers are properly communicated to the co-sell team.

STEP 3: Co-Sell Discovery Call

Opportunity overview with co-sell team scheduled by the AT&T / FirstNet Indirect Channel Manager, Chris Ortiz, to gather critical information, discuss rules of engagement and obtain co-sell approval. Below is a checklist of key items to discuss with each co-sell team member.

AT&T / FirstNet Indirect Channel Manager (Chris Ortiz):

  1. Introduction to the co-sell team
  2. Provide FirstNet Consultant and AT&T Direct Seller contact info to the team
  3. Review Band14 coverage map for initial coverage assessment 
  4. Send a post-call discovery summary to the team with written approval or denial for co-sell

TWD Channel Manager

  1. Review questions, assignments and rules of engagements with the team 
  2. Take notes and update the opportunity registration
  3. Identify any other missing checklist items to discuss
  4. Schedule next step follow up with co-sell team

FirstNet Dealer:

  1. Provide an opportunity overview
  2. Identifies a customer need and a 3 week timeline window to test FirstNet coverage (Reference "STEP 4: Coverage & Equipment Testing")
  3. Request FirstNet "State of the Union" from FirstNet Consultant if needed
  4. Black or orange SIMs? (Ex: Static IP or Private Mobile Connection. PMC lead time is approximately 3-4 weeks.)
  5. Submit SOW to customer with deliverables and separate quote for the FirstNet rate plan from the AT&T Direct Seller.
  6. Ensure customer authorized contacts and key stakeholders acknowledge that activations are part of your SOW and processed through you, not AT&T.
  7. Ensure customer understands the FirstNet rate plan bill comes directly from AT&T and not billed by the dealer.
  8. Receive final SOW approval from customer
  9. Submit order form to Two Way Direct for activation processing
  10. Request a spreadsheet from TWD of SIM numbers if needed
  11. Complete the SOW deliverables

AT&T Direct Seller:

  1. Create FirstNet FAN (or provide existing FirstNet FAN)
  2. Identify rate plan and pricing. Provide quote to the dealer and TWD Channel Manager, not directly to the customer without the dealer.
  3. Verify the authorized contact on the account and key stakeholders
  4. Is there engagement with BAT, Retail, Authorized Retail / SLED / LED / Client Sales Executive?
  5. Provide any other critical insight if applicable
  6. Acknowledgement: Do not introduce products or demos to the customer without discussing with the dealer first
  7. Acknowledgement: Two Way Direct and the Dealer must process the activation at the time of order. Do not process activations directly or through any other BAT or Retail team.
  8. Acknowledgement: Both Dealers and AT&T Direct Sales Reps are compensated for co-sell activations
  9. Acknowledgement: AT&T sales positions that do not receive co-sell activation credit include BATs and Retail Sales

FirstNet Consultant:

  1. Verify FirstNet Eligibility (Primary, Extended Primary or None)
  2. Provide coverage notes including rollout dates if applicable
  3. Provide FirstNet "State of the Union" to customer upon dealer's request.
  4. Provide any other critical insight if applicable
  5. Acknowledgement: Do NOT introduce products or demos to the customer without the dealer's consent
  6. Acknowledgement: Two Way Direct and the Dealer must process the activation at the time of order
  7. Acknowledgement: Both Dealers and AT&T Direct Sales Reps are compensated for co-sell activations
  8. Acknowledgement: AT&T sales positions that do not receive co-sell activation credit include BATs and Retail Sales

STEP 4: Coverage & Equipment Testing

It is imperative to verify FirstNet coverage for all customers prior to FirstNet project deployments. Please follow these steps to ensure coverage is adequate for the customer.

  1. Dealer identifies a customer need and a timeline to test FirstNet coverage (free demo SIM from Two Way Direct active for 30 days).
  2. Dealer informs their TWD Channel Manager of plans to perform a coverage test.
  3. Dealer secures Band14 compatible demo hardware for the customer.
  4. Dealer obtains an initial approval and 3 week trial timeline window from the customer to do a FirstNet demo to validate coverage.
  5. Dealer notifies their TWD Channel Manager once the customer has approved a demo and provide timeline.
  6. Dealer provides IMEI of Band14 compatible hardware to their TWD Channel Manager.
  7. Dealer notifies the customer to look for an email from AT&T which need terms and conditions acceptance.
  8. Customer receives and accepts terms and conditions acknowledgement for the demo order via email.
  9. Active demo FirstNet SIM is overnight shipped to Chris Ortiz and he forwards it overnight to the dealer (or directly to customer if requested). Lead time for dealer to receive active SIM is approximately 3 business days after the customer accepts the terms and conditions.

STEP 5: Statement of Work (SOW)

It is critical that the dealer includes FirstNet activations as part of their SOW to the customer. The customer must acknowledge and understand that all activations now go through the dealer, not the AT&T Direct Seller. However, although the dealer and Two Way Direct are processing the activation, the customer must understand the actual FirstNet bill is billed directly from AT&T and not through the dealer.

Deliverables to be included in the dealer's SOW to the customer:

  1. Hardware & Activation
  2. Official FirstNet rate plan quote attached to your SOW
  3. Pre-Sale Professional Services Support (optional)
  4. Installation & Deployment (optional)
  5. Post-Sale Technical Support Services (optional)
  6. CUSTOMER DISCLAIMER: All hardware, activations and optional professional services go through you as the dealer, NOT the AT&T Direct Team although they are providing support.

STEP 6: Approval & Deployment

  1. Customer issues SOW approval to dealer.
  2. Dealer submits FirstNet activation order to Two Way Direct.
  3. Dealer requests SIM information from TWD Channel Manager if needed for deployment.
  4. Dealer initiates SOW Deployment