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This guide will help you find the best professional wireless voice and data communications solutions for your needs. Simply click the answer that best fits your situation. 

What type of product are you shopping for?

Two Way Radios

Two Way Radios are designed to increase safety, control and efficiency within any operation. 

  • Handheld Radios: Instant communication with your team within a fixed local area
  • Radio Accessories: Discrete earpieces, shoulder microphones, headsets, batteries and more
  • Mobile Radios: Vehicle mounted high powered two-way radios for increased radio coverage
  • Repeaters: Used to increase your two-way radio coverage area
  • Enhanced Push-to-Talk: Secure nationwide push-to-talk without the need of repeaters
  • LMR to LTE Interoperability: Enables you to communicate with your radio network from your phone anywhere
  • Integrated Solutions: Additional solutions such as wireless PA's and Call Boxes to enhanced your radio communication for various applications


Rugged Mobile Devices

Military-grade smartphones, push-to-talk over cellular accessories and other hands-free vehicle communication solutions. 

  • Rugged Phones: Smartphones which can also connect to your two-way radio networks
  • Phone Accessories: Discrete push-to-talk style earpieces, shoulder microphones, headsets, batteries and more for your phones
  • Mobile Device Vehicle Mounting Kits: Hands-free solutions to use your rugged phones like a mobile radio in your vehicle


Rugged Mobile Computers

Durable laptops, notebooks and tablets built for high performance and strength to be able to handle the most demanding field applications.



Smart wearable technology to help increase safety, efficiency and productivity.


M2M & IoT

Vehicle networking, rapid deployment solutions and more.


Video Surveillance

A variety of live streaming video surveillance products ranging from network cameras, body cameras, dashboard cameras, drones and more.


Telematics GPS Tracking

Tracking solutions for vehicles and other assets.

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking: Reduce fuel consumption, improve maintenance scheduling, reduce theft risk, increase driver accountability and lower insurance costs.
  • GPS Asset Tracking:  Increase theft protection, improved contract enforcement, improved maintenance and better customer support.


Application Ecosystem

The FirstNet applications ecosystem provides a highly secure, reliable, and interoperable network of applications for the public safety community.



Services designed to help provide customers with end-to-end support before, during and after implementation. 


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