AT&T Workforce Manager with Enhanced Push-to-Talk

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If you could build your own app for your company, what would it include?

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Job dispatching

Send job information out, track progress, and manage workloads all in near real-time.

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Wireless forms

Digitize and enhance your forms with features such as photo capture, calculations, and e-mails for instant digital receipts.

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Mobile timekeeping

Allow users to clock in and out from the field, as well as record breaks and lunches.

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Event-based tracking

Location for employees update whenever they interact with forms, timekeeping, or job statuses.


AT&T Workforce Manager for Handsets/Tablets

AT&T Workforce Manager is designed with mobility in mind. Compatible with a wide array of handset and tablet devices, our workforce management software is built for business operations in the field. It can help you organize job information, communicate with system administrators, and it gives you the freedom to monitor your employees wherever their assignments take them. AT&T Workforce Manager is user-friendly and can increase the productivity in your remote employees, without taking their attention away from the tasks they work on.

  • User-friendly interfaces make implementation easy.
  • Manage timekeeping, dispatching and wireless forms with the data you receive from your remote employees.
  • Compatible with Android and IOS handset and tablet devices.
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Job Dispatching

Stay up-to-date regarding the daily tasks of your business with AT&T Workforce Manager. Job dispatching makes it possible to eliminate the return trips employees have to make to the office as priorities shift during the day. Change is constant, and directives can transform drastically in little to no time. Keep a handle on your company’s workload, regardless of what curveballs arise.

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  • Employees can receive job orders and updates in near real-time, ultimately making them more effective, and versatile. 
  • Allow employees to work smarter by improving their coordination with system administrators. 
  • Employees can update the status of an assigned job on-the-fly, eliminating any down time trying to reach the office to inform a dispatcher.


Mobile Timekeeping

Allow your employees to punch in or out while on-the-go and quickly record their lunch and break times. With each time punch, your employees have the ability fill out an attached form that can capture photos, signatures, and data about current jobs, vehicles, inspections, and odometer readings.

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  • Increase employee productivity by allowing them to clock in or out from job locations, eliminating the need to travel to an office location each day. 
  • Decrease payout errors since administrators can see exactly how long employees spend on the clock and no longer rely on written timecards.
  • Receive additional documentation from the field, with forms attached to time punches, to create a comprehensive picture regarding issues that occur away from the office.


Event-based Tracking

With event-based tracking, every time an employee clocks in or out, goes on lunch or a break, or fills out any form, their location is shown and recorded in an easy-to-read list of events on their history map. This creates a snapshot view for each action any employee completes, and illustrates a breadcrumb trail displaying where a user has been without ever needing true GPS tracking.

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  • Employees clock in, out, and record lunches and break as normal, while the office receives a list of activities being completed as they occur.
  • When an employee fills out a form, the form data as well as the location it was completed at is sent seamlessly back to the office.


Wireless Forms

Reduce the amount of paperwork employees have to fill out on the job. Less paperwork means less room for error. Wireless forms are highly customizable and able to guide employees along proper troubleshooting routes to help them determine the best course of action quickly and effectively.

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  • Forms are laid out in an easy-to-use way that helps employees spend less time filling them out. 
  • Forms are filled out directly on a handset or tablet, making paper and clipboards obsolete.
  • Decision logic makes it easy to navigate forms, ensuring employees only fill out information related to the job at hand.
  • Employees can include pictures of the job, fill out fields that calculate automatically, and send emails to the customer from within a form.



Job Dispatching

Create, dispatch and manage work orders for employees in the field with AT&T Workforce Manager. Send detailed orders with customized fields to mobile phones, or tablet devices. When an employee updates the status of an order from the field, managers instantly know the job status and can adjust workloads. View the history of all jobs completed with detailed information collected from workers at job sites.

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  • Send job information out, track progress, and manage workloads all in near real-time.
  • Streamline daily tasks for faster, accurate billing.
  • Automate scheduled work orders and allocate them logically.


Mobile Timekeeping

When employees punch in or out while on-the-go, managers receive the data right away to verify the status of their employee. If a form is attached to the time clock action, photos, signatures, and data about current jobs, vehicles, inspections, and odometer readings can all be sent back to the office in an instant.

  • Keeping track of when employees are on or off the clock and when breaks and lunches occur, drastically reduces payroll errors.
  • Timekeeping expenses become easily manageable. Pay workers for the exact amount of time they spend on the clock and easily export that data for analysis.
  • Run reports on time clock activities by user, or from your entire workforce.
  • Edit timesheet information in the event a worker forgets to clock in or out during a shift or enters incorrect information into a clock in/out form field.
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Event-based Tracking

Monitor field activities and data entries in near real-time, via an intuitive, yet user-friendly web dashboard. This workforce management software lets you view locations for timekeeping events and any time a user fills out a wireless form to increase overall company accountability. All entries are shown in an easy to read list that highlight exactly what an employee accomplished throughout the workday.

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  • Accurately verify employee productivity in the field
  • Show the locations for timekeeping events for more accountability of where employees are when they are clocking in and out
  • Improve clarity back at the office by allowing administrators to view a virtual log of day-to-day events


Wireless Forms

Reduce the amount of paper your business uses. AT&T Workforce Manager allows you to send the forms your employees need directly to their phone or tablet. Display a snapshot of data in the form of graphs for easy analysis. There are hundreds of templates to choose from or you can customize your own form.

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  • Enhance forms with features such as photo capture, calculations, and e-mails for instant digital receipts.
  • Receive form data back to the office immediately for analysis. No more waiting for an employee to return to the office at the end of the day.
  • Reduce errors by eliminating issues with handwriting or incorrectly filled out forms.
  • Repeatable form fields capture multiple responses for the same question, eliminating the need for unnecessarily lengthy forms.


Intelligent Tracking:

AT&T Workforce Manager's intelligent tracking makes it possible for managers and system administrators to monitor remote employees in near real-time.  Administrators are granted full visibility of users, increasing the effectiveness of workforce management. Greater transparency between users and administrators brings about a stronger sense of accountability and fewer instances of negative employee behavior.

  • Quickly visualize the whereabouts and availability of your employees.
  • Status icons make viewing employee actions a breeze.
  • Group icons show how many employees are in a specific location without cluttering the virtual map.
Workforce Manager details on laptop screen

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The workforce management software's reports feature makes it easy to document your daily business operations. Run reports as needed or even schedule reports to be distributed at a later date. Reports can be used to monitor employee location history or audit undesired vehicle activity.

Customize the application

Use AT&T Workforce Manager to design and build industry-tailored modules to increase workflow and processes. It doesn’t matter if you specialize in construction or government, you’ll have the option to select the recommended modules for those particular industries.

In addition to individual modules, you can give your company the proper branding that it needs with the application’s customization feature. Adding your company logo and brand colors to your mobile device or desktop captures the essence of your company. Expand your brand with items like printout receipts featuring your company logo.

  • Create modules that address your specific business needs. 
  • Give your modules your company’s unique look with highly customizable branding options.
  • Stand out from your competitors with branding that expresses your unique business message.
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AT&T Workforce Manager for Vehicles

AT&T Workforce Manager for Vehicles uses sophisticated tracking technology to assist administrators when it comes to managing vehicle usage. Monitor and report driver behaviors and remain updated on vehicle service needs. AT&T Workforce Manager for Vehicles can potentially prolong the shelf-life of your fleet vehicles and, in turn, strengthen the longevity of your business.

  • Track your fleet vehicles in near-real time and increase dispatch efficiency and workforce productivity.
  • Establish virtual perimeters around high priority locations and receive alerts when your vehicles cross the boundary.
  • View accumulated data on your vehicles and/or groups of vehicles in an organized, easily read layout.
White trailer truck in front of loading dock



GPS tracking

AT&T Workforce Manager provides you extensive visibility into the daily activities of your fleet vehicles. GPS tracking can be used to monitor your vehicle locations, and streamline your dispatching process. Knowing where vehicles are going makes it easier for dispatchers and system administrators to assign work on-the-go.

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  • Monitor and reduce instances of your employees leaving vehicle engines idling.
  • Reduce your costs for fuel and maintenance by examining your vehicle usage.
  • Optimize the routes your employees travel to minimize vehicle wear and tear.


AT&T Workforce Manager makes it possible for you to create and utilize custom geofences that can help monitor the movements of your workforce throughout the day. Create virtual borders around specified locations that highlight areas you want your employees to remain at, or avoid altogether, according to your business needs.

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  • When a vehicle enters or leaves a designated area on your custom map, you can be instantly alerted via email. Keep in alerts you when a vehicle leaves an area, while keep out only triggers an alert when a vehicle enters a restricted zone.
  • Reduce errors with time of arrival and time of departure notifications , knowing exactly when your employees arrive or depart from job sites. 


Set near real-time notifications for vehicle locations, arrival and departure times, geofence breaches, excessive speeding, and more! The following alerts are designed to alert you and your workforce of the critical events that affect your business:

  • Aggressive driving - This alert is triggered when vehicles are driven aggressively with fast accelerations and sudden braking. 
  • Geofence - Triggered when employees arrive or depart a specified area that you deem to be important.
  • Idle - Keep track of vehicles that are wasting gas by excessive idling.
  • Speeding - Speeding alerts are set off when a vehicle is going faster than thresholds set.
  • Stopped - Determine where users are stopped and for how long. This alert can be used to determine if there is a problem, or employees are stopped somewhere they shouldn’t be.
  • Vehicle event - Triggered when ignitions are turned off or on, or when specific actions occur on a vehicle like a stop sign on a bus is activated or a pest control pump is running.
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GPS tracking

Managers can use GPS tracking to monitor vehicle locations and streamline dispatching processes. When you know where your vehicles are going, it’s easier to assign work seamlessly and intelligently.

  • Control and reduce how often your employees are leaving fleet vehicle engines idling.
  • More fleet insight can potentially lower fuel and vehicle maintenance expenses.
  • Ensure your employees operate efficiently, by assigning them the most optimum driving routes every time. 
Computer screen showing AT&T Workforce Manager app
Small blue multilayer circle

Cluster - blue circle with concentric rings showing multiple user at a location. The number of user in the cluster is indicated by a number in the center.

Small green circle with arrow pointing northeast

Moving - Green circle with arrow showing the current direction and speed.

Tiny red octagon icon

Non-geofence stop - Red octagon with timestamp showing a current stop at a non-geofenced location.

Tiny purple octagon icon

Geofence stop - Purple octagon showing a geofenced location stop, including total time stopped.

Tiny caution triangle icon

Idle - Orange triangle indicating no vehicle movement. For the map, it will contain a time indicating how long the vehicle has been idle. The user timeline will display the triangle with an exclamation point, and the list panel displays it as solid.

User icons to determine what type of link your employers have to the application.

Tiny smartphone icon

User only.

Tiny gray truck icon

Vehicle only.

Tiny gray chain link icon

User and vehicle linked together.

Tiny gray microphone icon

User has an AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk number in their profile.




Administrators can build custom geofences in the AT&T Workforce Manager application by drawing right on the map. Geofences can be used to efficiently monitor the movements your employees make throughout the day by creating virtual borders around locations that you specify. 

  • Allow your employees to draw, enter, or import custom geofences that easily identify work sites or other areas of interest.
  • Allow managers to run reports that show how long employees spend at the locations important to your business.
  • Keep-in and keep-out notifications help managers reduce errors by showing them exactly when an employee enters a restricted area, or leaves an area earlier than they should. 
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Your managers and system administrators can set near real-time notifications regarding vehicle locations, arrival and departure times, geofence breaches, and a host of other criteria deemed critical to the success of your business.

The following alerts are designed to alert you and your workforce of the critical events that affect your business:

  • Aggressive driving - Monitor vehicles that are driven aggressively by alerting you whenever fast accelerations or sudden braking occur.
  • Geofence - Receive notifications alerting decision makers of whenever employees arrive or depart from specified areas.
  • Idle - Allow your management team to monitor vehicles that sit idle for prolonged periods of times to reduce wasted gas and increase productivity.
  • Speeding - Track and monitor employees who are speeding or operating vehicles recklessly.
  • Stopped - Determine where employees are stopped and how long they remain stationary. This alert can be used to determine if there is a mechanical problem with vehicles, or if employees aren’t utilizing their time as efficiently as they could be.
  • Vehicle event - See when ignitions are turned on or off, or when specific actions occur on a vehicle like a stop sign on a bus is activated or a pest control pump is running.
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Vehicle summary

The vehicle summary is a dashboard view that groups the data regarding your vehicles into a clean, easy to decipher page for analysis. You can use this to quickly examine how your fleet vehicles are being utilized by your employees.

Vehicle scorecard

The vehicle scorecard is another dashboard feature that collects and displays violations for your individual fleet vehicles. The vehicle scorecard page breaks information down into vehicle specific categories (like the number of violations

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