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Two Way Radios for Recreation

Regardless of what types of activities you enjoy, imagine two way radios for recreation as a reliable way to keep in touch and make your experience a more pleasurable one. Two way radio devices allow you to stay safe and connected while whatever you may be participating in.

The Vertex VX261 radio is highly recommended for this particular recreation application. The FNB-V134LI-UN Lithium-Ion Battery is sure to help you maintain that connection. These devices have up to 5 full watts of power for maximum coverage. It is built to tough military standards and can stand up to extreme temperatures, wet or dusty conditions and will not destruct when dropped. You can have plenty of fun and still stay in constant contact with your colleges when you use the VX-261 radio. This is durable, backed by a three-year warranty by Vertex.

For the more adventurous souls who need an extended amount of coverage, the EVX-R70 repeater is compatible with the VX261 radios, and will enhance your communication experience fuller. This device produces reliable connection that you can count on, and is equipped with simple to use features so that you can keep your communication system organized throughout your recreational activities.

Vertex accessories help to strengthen your overall connection as well. VX-261 earpieces and VX-261 headsets allow you to hear each other in those noisy areas. You can gain the best experience when you use safe and efficient two way radios for recreation. 


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