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Two Way Radios for Police Officers


Two way radios for police officers are the better option when it comes to connection while you are on the job. Two Way radio systems enhance safety and improve interagency communication for police departments, and offer multiple features that can help keep your team and the surrounding community secure.

When considering police radios, we recommend the Radio Dispatch RD200U radios with 4 full watts of power for maximum coverage. This radio offers outstanding capability and protection for you and the rest of your department. With easily programmable special features and an RD200-BAT Lithium-Ion Battery, this device is able to produce instantaneous and dependable connection. The RD200U radio is durable, backed by a three-year warranty. 

Extend your coverage even further with a EVX-R70 repeater. This device is built to make sure you are always able to reach someone on the other line. With rugged construction, this durable repeater is set to match your RD200U radio’s frequencies only, so you don’t have to worry about outside communication getting in.

If you are looking to be even more discrete and private with your conversations, then consider RD200U Surveillance Earpieces, RD200U D-Shell Earpieces or RD200U Shoulder Microphones. These special Radio Dispatch accessories are equipped with features that allow you to keep your communication direct, and active while you are on the job. 



Radio Dispatch RD200U Radios 


Essential Accessories for the RD200U



Extend Your RD200U Coverage With a Repeater


Add a Vehicle Mounted Mobile Radio or Desktop Base Station