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Two Way Radio Repair: 

  • Parts and labor included
  • Kenwood & Icom Radio Repair. Other brands within our repair capacity include Motorola®, Radio Dispatch® and Blackbox®.
  • New equipment and trained repair techs to work on your two way radio(s).
  • Top rated warranty and post-warranty support. Call 888-742-5893 with any questions you may have.
  • You are guaranteed to have a repaired product at the end of the process.

Two Way Direct offers an equipped and highly trained repair department. We are knowledgable and experienced in repairing brands such as Motorola®, Vertex®, Icom®, Kenwood®, Radio Dispatch®, Blackbox® and more.  Just bring your two-way radio to us and we will find a solution to your problem for the lowest price you will find anywhere else.


Please note that we do not service HAM, CB, Amateur, Family, GMRS/FRS, Marine or Aviation two way radios.


Pricing Details: (parts and labor included)

Level 1 ($95) - Includes most of the business and professional two way radio repair.

Level 2 ($125 - $150)-Includes mid-tier radios, mobiles and base stations.

Level 3 ($185) - High-tier radios. Includes repeaters, handhelds and mobiles with serious issues.


Field Labor ($150/hour):

Repair technician dispatched to your location. 2 hour minimum