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The Best Two Way Radios for Ski Resorts


Two way radios for skiing are essential to assure the fun and safety of everyone on the slopes. These devices are the better choice, for groups who want to stay in touch while they are skiing and snowboarding. The cold weather and wet terrain can often find cell phones to be unreliable in environments such as this. 

Vertex VX261 radio is a great ski patrol radio. Because of their FNB-V134LI-UN Lithium-Ion Batterythese radios produce 5 full watts of power for maximum coverage. Don’t worry about your radio getting wet, because with a rugged and waterproof construction, the VX-261 is always proven to be dependable in a snowy area. This radio is durable, backed by a three-year warranty, so you can guarantee effective and reliable results.

For the large mountains, it is important to consider increasing the coverage of your ski patrol radio. The EVX-R70 repeater is designed to enhance your system and keep you connected on even the largest slopes. This device works with your VX-261 radios and is equipped with special and easy to use functions that keep your conversations active and organized.

The best way to make sure you stay comfortable while you are using two way radios for skiing is with VX-261 earpieces or VX-261 headsets. These accessories enable you to be hands-free with your communication, so that you don’t have constantly pick up and put back your radio when you are trying to enjoy skiing down the mountain. For a fun and enjoyable time while skiing, turn to two way radios


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