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The Best School Two Way Radios


No two schools are exactly alike. At Two Way Direct, we understand that a school radio have unique and challenging characteristics that set it apart from every other educational facility, both for the students and for the faculty. From classrooms and courtyards to intricate maintenance schedules that can be difficult to maintain, developing a seamless communications system can turn into quite a headache.  

Our goal is to simplify your communication system, and we can help make it possible with the Radio Dispatch RD200U school radio. Each radio is easy to use, and comes complete with special programmable features you can customize to fit your schools ultimate security and communication needs. This security two way radio has a RD200-BAT Lithium-Ion Batterywhich is the highest chemistry capable for an RD200U, and 4 full watts of power for maximum coverage. The Radio Dispatch is durable, backed by a three-year warranty, and will help keep your school safe and secure.

If you want the assurance of reaching every last inch of your facility, consider the EVX-R70 repeater. Repeaters are designed to cover a larger amount of space, and still produce crystal clear communication between you and members of your faculty.

It is smart to keep security decisions happening around your school to yourself, and fellow staff members. RD200U earpieces or RD200U headsets help give you that isolation from student and faculty communication. These security two way radio accessories provide not only a way for you to be hands-free with your radios, but also organized in your overall school communication system. 


Radio Dispatch RD200U Radio 


Essential Accessories for the Radio Dispatch RD200U



Extend Your RD200U Coverage With a Repeater


Add a Vehicle Mounted Mobile Radio or Desktop Base Station