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The Best Firefighter Two Way Radios


When the lives of citizens lie in your hands, it is crucial that you have firefighter two way radios. These devices allow you to keep connected with the other members of your team in a safe and efficient way.

The Radio Dispatch RD200U is designed for easy operation, so when you are wearing gloves, you are still able to make your call. Equipped with a simple design, and simple-to-use features, these radios for firefighters can be operated with a single touch. The RD200U comes complete with an RD200-BAT Lithium-Ion Battery, and exhibits 4 full watts of power for maximum coverage. These devices are tested tough and durable, backed by a three-year warranty.

For those tougher jobs, it is important to always have that ultimate coverage. Radio repeaters are constructed with efficient features that allow for you to gain the most coverage in the toughest spots. The EVX-R70 repeater works with the RD200U, and creates an enhanced coverage throughout your environment, so you are always able to stay safe and connected.  

Keep your team connected and communicate easily under pressure with RD200U headsets or RD200U shoulder microphones. These accessories create simple ways to access communication while you are on the job. They are just as, if not more reliable than their compatible RD200U radio, so you can guarantee a durable two way radio experience. 


Radio Dispatch RD200U Radio 


Essential Accessories for the Radio Dispatch RD200U



Extend Your RD200U Coverage With a Repeater


Add a Vehicle Mounted Mobile Radio or Desktop Base Station